Elder Scrolls Online – Are You Ready for Fang Lair?

Fang Lair is an Elder Scrolls Online dungeon that is part of the Dragon Bones DLC pack. Undead creatures, a powerful necromancer and his dragon minion await adventurers.

Dragon Bones is an Elder Scrolls Online DLC pack that brings two new dungeons: Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak. Fang Lair is a name that rings some bells to veteran TES fans. This location was featured in the first Elder Scrolls game. In Elder Scrolls Online, Fang Lair is an abandoned Dwemer hall that is also the tomb of Thurvokun, a great dragon. Orryn the Black, a magic practitioner who dabbles in necromancy, has figured out how to enter the hall and brought back Thurvokun as his undead minion.

Fang Lair is a dungeon like no other. The entire place reveals itself to the adventurers from the beginning. Players will also notice that lack of loading screens making the experience similar to open world play. The dungeon is filled with enemies and most of them are undead monsters. They are pretty challenging to defeat so players should approach them with caution. The adventurers will fight against packs that contain different types of monsters. They should focus and get the Revivifier mobs down first because these ones will boost the damage of nearby undead allies. Bosses will test players skills and cooperation. Those who have completed other DLC dungeons know what to expect. Difficulty wise, the dungeon is similar to the ones from the Horns of the Reach DLC.

The last encounter of the dungeon is against Orryn and Thurvokun. Prioritizing is the key to winning this encounter. Players will learn which situations during the fight are the most dangerous and how to overcome them. The dungeon can be completed in both normal and veteran modes. As always, the rewards make up for adventurers’ time and trouble. There are one of a kind trophies and other collectible Elder Scrolls Online items to be claimed by those who manage to clear the dungeon. Players add a new Dragon Priest mask to their collection. They will also receive home decorations that stand as proof of their accomplishments. The Trapping of Invigoration is the set that drops from this dungeon. Dragon Bones DLC can be bought from the crown store and it’s also available for free to premium subscribers.